Thursday, February 16, 2012

16-02-2012 Jean Howells

We are all aware I am sure of our own mortality, we have our alloted time here and I believe that the mark of a'wonderful human being'is not only what they contribute to the world. But more importantly on the human level how much a person enriches the lives of those that they come into contact with.
 It is for this reason that I personally would like to say thank you to Jean Howells for having brought the spark of life, vitality and fun into the lives of everyone who knew her. We will treasure our own special memories of Jean, most I am sure will raise a smile..... thank you Jean for sharing your life with us all.
And while our immediate thoughts are of sorrow for the loss,the lasting memory will and should be of a life well lived.
Earlier I was looking through my blog posts from 2010 and found the post below from 15-05-2010 it sums this lady up so well...

Back in 2005, nine members of the family including my mother in law ( who paid for everyone!) went on the trip of a lifetime around China. We visited many of the main tourist centres in the country - Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Guillin and Hong Kong.

The feast of experiences left lasting impressions on many of us, non more so than my mother in law who became fascinated by the Chinese method of painting. On our return Jean enrolled in a local group in order to learn some of the techniques essential to Chinese Art. The group had an exhibition in a local gallery back in 2007, however in the intervening two years Jean has been too busy ( at 80 y.o.) to return, it was wonderful to see on an impromptu visit this afternoon that after a two year break Jean has returned to the art that she loves so much.

You can see above  the essentials with some works in progress while below is one of the works awaiting framing which depicts a typical Chinese is marvellous to see Jean back in action
..........thank you.

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