Sunday, January 03, 2010

Semi-retirement of Ddraig Goch Blog

At least for the first month of the Flickr365 Challenge - a challenge to post one picture to the web a day and my decision also to post a daily to a blog set up for the purpose, it is likely that my posts to Ddraig Goch will be somewhat sporadic. I hope that as I get into the routine of daily blog posts I may once again find the time and content to blog here...... however no promises!
One thing which is giving me thoughts about blogging is my lacklustre decision to book for the BETT2010 Show at Olympia later this month. Having had the opportunity to visit the ISTE NECC Conference in 2008 (here for 2010) which I found to be a marvellously organised event where educators spend the majority of their time at seminars or keynotes and much less time visiting show stands. I am of the opinion that the BETT Show in London concentrates too much on the 'show' and commercial content, I realise that it is a free show, however if it did have a fee it may actually be able to shake off the commercial shackles that appear to bind it and become a seminar/keynote driven event which I think may actually be more appreciated by attendees?...... Discuss.


beicsConwy said...

It will be my 3rd BETT show tomorrow and in the past I've been overwhelmed by the sheer size and commercialism of it all. Tomorrow, I've decided to just focus on one item only and see where that gets me.
I think you are right about the 'show' - but not sure if charging is the way to bring about change. I'll let you know how it went for me...

Mr Harrington said...

I believe that by charging it would give the organizers an income stream that may at least give them some independence from the commercial giants. ...... I realize that this is somewhat naive on my part.