Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple's iPad Arrives......... is it a step forward?

The much anticipated Apple tablet the iPad arrived today. My first impression was, 'why is Mr Jobs holding that XXL iPhone?' Of course we are all aware of Apple's ability to watch a market (mp3 players, cell phones... and now tablet PC's) and then enter with the killer must have machine which re defines the market. On this occasion they may have done this again, however I was not convinced prior to the iPad's arrival and now having seen it and read the specs at TechCrunch I still remain unconvinced, it is a XXL iPhone!
I am not aware of the tablet market being that huge as yet ..... does this device help this grow? E-Readers have been gaining ground of late, however I still believe to a niche market ...... am I old fashioned, I prefer a book? The iPad may see them off ...... although they still compete on price and straight usability.
The iPad is of course an Apple machine and as such is locked to Apple software and I believe would need to be hacked to run something like Google Chrome, it also lacks a card reader ( even my TV has one of these!) and a USB much as the MacAir. There is the whole 3G contract issue ( there will be a wi fi only iPad first) for contacting to the web on the move. The screen size is a bit on the small side.
Battery life looks good as of course the device does with its lineage. However I believe that this machine is only a step along the way to where computing needs to go - things such as seamless user interfaces that can be controlled by hand gestures not a touch screen.
I see people with an iPad being a little self conscious of those looking!
I hope to see one of these in the flesh soon and will then truly be able to give a full report. I can't see this tech geek getting one anytime soon............. however they are pretty!
Update 28 01 2010 - it is sad when I here people say I will buy the next generation machine......why oh, why can't companies like Apple bring out the finished article at their first attempt? I am sure that this machine has been discussed and discussed at Apple and yet they have still produced a big iPhone without a camera that you cannot fit in your pocket!
Apparently it was unfortunately being called the 'iTampax' on Twitter yesterday... sad but true!

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Moturoa said...

I believe you get an SD card reader / USB attachment with it. No iSite camera is a let down. I would want to hear how much noise it makes? And because it's back isn't flat it doesn't sit flat on a table- if u hold it with one hand you only have one hand for typing. It's gone with a qwerty keyboard and u can have a dock with it that you put a proper keyboard into- but then why bother, and it has a stink name.

Despite that- I still want one- but maybe version two- with a few more features.