Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Moblog from Cafe Nero (updated with thoughts on HP Mini-note)

This is the first Mobile blog post made from a coffee shop in Abergavenny (ooh advertising!) while enjoying a latte.Yes I am the geek in the corner with the laptop, on not free wi-fi. Then of course just as MrsH arrives fresh from having her hair done....... I ran out of wirelsss credit!!!!!
Above Deb and Sian ( who who is off the Camp Lake Hubert in Minnesota for the summer with Camp America)
...The result that this moblog post was posted from home (on the patio so technically still mobile?) some 4 hours later after some much needed grass cutting.
**Bargain of the day for UK readers the Asus 701 (4GB) in Curry's Digital (Dixons!) £219 -My guess is that anyone looking to buy a setof 10 or more of the little beasts could probably drive a good bargain as they need to get rid of the 'old stock'!

*Reference my previous posts on the mini notebooks,following a comment from Kellett School in Hong Kong regarding their decision making on purchasing sets of notebooks, I must look at the HP Mini note
This video and blog post originally posted on the LaptopMag site
.......along with the other competitors from Dell and MSI

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Moturoa said...

Tell Mrs H her hair looks lovely and Sian good luck mingling with all those Americans.

I will definitely have a play with Small Worlds- I had never heard of it before- but only after having finished the milestone report for the cluster- which is hanging over my head like a dark cloud.



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