Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hey SecondLife watch out SmallWorlds is coming - 2nd June 2008

A group of techies from Auckland New Zealand may have come up with the virtual world that the web has been calling for - doing away with all of those downloads that are needed by 'other' virtual spaces and offering a world which you build within your browser - with a distinct url which you can share with your friends .The world which you can customise ( design your own avatar) and build will have the ability to play videos from Youtube and other sites which you will be able to invite friends in to view (possibility of online presentations ). There will be a chat facility, and the possibility of taking part in competitions/online games with other users.
SmallWorlds has been on beta test,but is scheduled to go 'live' on Monday 2nd June. Above is the latest entry from their blog. The SmallWorld gang have given their brainchild a good 12months of testing which hopefully will mean that what we get on launch should be a very slick product. As someone who tried several times to come to grips with SecondLife and largely failed, I am certainly looking forward to the launch of SmallWorlds ( the fact that it comes from New Zealand is an added bonus).
Just for now you will have to take the SmallWorlds tour to whet your appetite!
Thanks to Lee Davis (sivadeel) for the heads up on SmallWorlds.

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