Saturday, May 10, 2008

Invasion of the Weblin's!!!!

Down at the bottom of the Firefox browser window you can see a collection of weblin avatars, in fact my avatar is strangley still there with a 'friend' called master as I type this message. They appear to be a little like the screen 'Petz' that kids were encouraged to download onto their PC's about 10 years ago ( they had to feed tham and look after them a little like the Tamagotchi's of around the same vintage).
These avatars can communicate via speech bubble and actions, and there are a number of different rooms that you can visit.... if you feel brave enough. It is a bit like having the avatars from Second Life walk out of the programme onto the bottom of your browser and have a converstaion. The site appears to have originated in Germany but is now translated into 8 languages from its main home page.
It appears to be the kind of application which could become a very weird place late in the evening!!! It is like Second Life in that when you first arrive you have to find someone to talk to, it appears that some web addresses are more populated than others - as I type there are just 2 of us still here whereas over at the weblin site there appears to be some kind of party going on - now this would make more popular sites an interesting place to meet..... I guess that once you have an idea on who your friends are, you could invite them to meet say at a particular website for a discussion on the latest posts in real time - which could be cool for those of us whose machines are too old to allow us into Second Life itself.

Not sure how distracting it will be to have this going on..... all I can say is download your avatar and have a go..... it might be something useful or just a passing fad, I am off to see where the party is going on see you later.... now where did my avatar get to - come on pj23harry we're off to a party, it's Saturday night :-)

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