Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Veodia - Live Video Streaming

The Live TV Studio In Your Browser™

"Veodia offers the first TV-Quality live broadcasting and publishing Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Using MPEG-4 / h.264 technology, Veodia's video broadcasting service makes it easy and inexpensive for businesses, universities, religious institutions, and even professional bloggers to broadcast high-quality live video and digitally archive content for on-demand viewing or podcasting. "
I came across Veodia via a circuitous route, by looking at David Noble's (Booruch Podcast) Del.icio.us Links and finding my way the the Thunder Blog..... and a post there for Veodia. Having dabbled in Ustream.TV ( and taking part in a live link up with **Brian Crosby in Reno last week), I am currently interested in the use of live streamed video for teacher Professional Development - particularly looking into it as a delivery method for the follow-up to online training, or even as the medium for the online training.( if you take a look on Ustream.TV, Wes Fryer, Miguel Guhlin, David Jakes and Will Richardson to name drop a few people have all tried live streaming from conferences recently).
I had an immediate response to my joining as one of the Veodia people contacted me with a view to discussing how Veodia could be used in my area of interest. Hopefully with a skype contact there is going to be an interesting conversation to come here..... I'll keep you posted, but do take a look for yourselves..... more interesting educational uses for technology.

** Brian Twittered today about some sad news for him, his classroom was broken into the other night - sounds like some determined criminals as they battered their way in through a protected window - I hope that not too much of the tech stuff that his students has been affected by this disruption - I hope that all is well Brian.

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