Sunday, December 02, 2007

iPM and the Planet-Scicast

I was rushing home and changing for our staff night out on Saturday afternoon ( the event doubling as my Leaving Party - held by the way at the BBC Restoration Show 2004 runner-up Newbridge Memo)
While in the usual panic searching for socks!!! I was trying to listen to BBC's iPM programme which was covering the Planet Scicast, a site where great video of Science Experiments have been posted
" Eddie Mair spoke to Professor Michael Reiss about Planet Sci-Cast's efforts to popularise science on the internet."
Professor Reiss (Director of Education at the Royal Society and Professor of Science Education at the Institute of Education), in the interview came back to the fact that pupils move from the UK Primary (Elementary) sector to the Secondary (High School) sector being extremely switched on to Science, and that it appears that the teaching of Science at the higher level turns these kids off in their droves - leading to a drop in those taking Science at GCSE, AS and A level in the UK. Professor Reiss believes very much that it is the teaching style adopted in many UK schools which is putting kids off Science, and Planet-Scicast is an attempt to promote and bring back the experimentation into Science. I allows schools, pupils and teachers to submit films of Science in Action which others can then access and use ( a kind of ScienceTube I guess!)... take a look and see what you think!
In another interesting development Chris Vallence told iPM about Arden - a virtual world of William Shakespeare's Richard III.

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Jonathan Sanderson said...

Thanks for the link!

While SciCast is clearly an 'educational' site, and we're hoping the films will be of use in the classroom, we're also trying to learn from experience with children's TV. That is, we're trying to be an entertainment destination as well.

Whether that's a good idea or not... well, I guess we'll find out. Feel free to pass comment here, on the SciCast site, or at other relevant sites; criticism and suggestions very welcome.

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