Monday, May 03, 2010

Such Tweet Sorrow the story so far.......

For those not yet up to speed on this project - the RSC have commissioned a 'live- real time' performance of Romeo and Juliet that is being carried out through the medium of Twitter and associated 'web2.0' tools.

It would appear that love has blossomed between our doomed couple Romeo and Julietcap16

who are having to keep their love secret from their friends this is not easy in the world of social networking much as it wouldn't have been in the closed community of the original couple - you too can follow this on the live timeline as you can see in the screenshot above, or of course by adding Romeo and Julietcap16 plus the rest of the cast as 'Twitter friends'.
If you wish you can also follow how the story has unfolded since April 10 at 'the story so far....' on the show site.
It is fascinating to follow this story in this new medium and also to have an extended story that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats until the eventual sad conclusion.

I like many others look forward to continuing to follow the story...... I hope that you will join us?

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