Friday, May 14, 2010

Adobe respond to Apple

John Warnock and Chuck Geschke the co founders of Adobe have respond to Steve Jobs move with regard to the use of Adobe Flash on Apple devices in the form of the  open letter above. John and Chuck make very good points regarding open markets, which is of course an easy pitch against Apple and its controlling nature. There are many in the IT community who are pleased that HTML5 has come along to give Adobe and its downloadable Flash and FlashPlayer a run for its money. I must say that my only experience of HTML5 is using the beta test on Youtube and it is pretty unsatisfactory with youtube videos play very slowly and with distinct lines across the playback video. I would be interested to see native HTML5 at its best. I am aware that James FK and Will Finch at IB have been playing with the use of HTML5 videos which play on smartphones, the result so far was it worked on iPhone but failed on an Android device. I do hope that we are not going through another VHS v Betamax for the 21st Century!!

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