Monday, July 27, 2009

Time for a change of emphasis?

I guess that throughout the lifespan of a blog, its direction alters, at first subtly meaning that over time the end point is far away from where it began. This blog began way back in 2006 as an outlet for my thoughts, at that time as a classroom practitioner.
However over the past few months as my memory of being that, 'a classroom practitioner' using new web tools when they appeared and trying them out on my pupils has been fading fast. I now find myself in the cut and thrust of a educational business but not 'at the whiteboard face' somewhat removed, and as such I have lost the raison d'etre that I began with, and believe that it is time for a change of purpose to this blog.
That is not to say that I will not return to the classroom, as I find myself increasingly missing the collaborations that I was previously making with classes and teachers all over the world. It is a distinct possibility - all I need is to find schools or LEA's which recognise a 21st century technologist as a teaching position ( if there is anyone out there listening..... there may be a recruit waiting ), until then things go on following the new path.
'You can take the boy out of school.... but not school out of the boy!!!'

The new direction will be to make this blog much more of a daily journal of thoughts/projects and tech ideas that occur naturally throughout the day.

Monday 27th July 2009
Today was a good case in point, Monday morning following a long weekend I was in work at 7.50am and spent the morning registering teachers onto our online workshops that are coming up from August to October this year.
Mid morning myself and colleagues were looking for a few viable images for our new look online PD page which will hopefully appear here tomorrow. In the afternoon I suggested to a colleague that we investigate software that will enable us to build courses which can then be uploaded to Moodle we came up with a few - free downloadable courselab being one of these. Having downloaded the software we will have a play to see how well it might suit our needs.
More tomorrow.


Moturoa said...

Fair enough- those still at the chalkface look forward to hearing from those who have risen from the ranks!


Mr Harrington said...

Hi AK, I fully understand, it is a fact that as the weeks go by with a differing set of goals my links to the edublogging community is beginning to decline. I feel this quite strongly and wish it weren't so.
I hope that my slight change of emphasis will revive my creative energies which have waned over recent months and will be broadly along similar lines , however not feeling restricted.
On the wider situation it may be that I am wishing myself back in the cut and thrust of the education arena...... the grass is often not quite as green as we hope when we finally pitch our tent in the next field.
If this feeling persists over the coming months my natural instincts to return may overcome my current reticence!

Moturoa said...

Ah but it's always great to taste the freedom from always being in charge of 30 individuals who rely on you every day. Remember the late nights, the paperwork and the 'distractors' from the actual classroom teaching.


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