Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dim Dim 4 - still a great user interface

At 4pm UK(11am EDT) Sundar from DimDim hosted an online session on the new aspects of DimDim4 - it still has the best look and feel of any of the online video conferencing apps, and is developing quickly, using feedback from users in order to make it even better. If you want to join in and ask questions that get directly back to DimDim go to the website and simply sign up for a session and experience it for yourself.
I think that it is still a powerful contender, perhaps held back by its limit of 20 people per meeting in the free version, rising to 100 with addition of being able to add your own branding in the Pro $99 per year version. In the free and pro versions you can only have one meeting going on at one time but can have meetings spread out around the clock which is useful. Below are some of the key features of DimDim4

Look out for more features from the DimDim crew in 2009.

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andy stewart said...

Personally, I use Showdocument for online teaching and web conferencing. I'm not saying these programs aren't good,
But I think a web-based application is always better, since there's nothing to download or install.
try it at http://www.showdocument.com . -andy

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