Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Audacity and MP3 conversion on Eeepc

The final element has now been achieved, and would have been done much sooner had this 'old' dragon thought carefully about what he was doing in the Linux command line. As you can see below audacity recordings can now be converted into mp3 format.

Thanks to daria ( a french blogger-le blogue!) and his link to this simple and yet so important piece of code:

To compile put the lame file you downloaded in your user folder
Right click it and select extract all followed by ok
Go into the lame folder you just made
Click tools then open console window
Type sudo apt-get install build-essential
then type su
after you enter your password type ./configure
then type make
then type make install
That should be it Audacity should find the file automatically.

So simple but it works, and once in audacity preferences it will happily find the 'lame encoder' Now Eeepc900 is a fully functioning podcasting machine...................the podfather has to try it out......soon.

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Daria said...

Hi, thanks for the backlink ;)
Happy it works :)

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