Monday, October 22, 2007

Blown Away by Derek Wenmouth !

All I can say is 'WOW!!!!' K12 Online 07 has just come alive for me with Derek's presentation today. What a great, simple message on enabling us to question and reflect on our practice in the use of ICT in our classrooms.
The E-P-S Landscape System that CORE through Derek and Dr Vince Ham have developed is going to be a must for my practice going forward.
It was interesting also to hear from the New Zealand based E-Fellows, explaining how their practice has been challenged and extended by having been able to carry out 12 months of action research into the use of ICT and how it should be embedded in pedagogy.

This Presentation will become a must for many driving Professional Development in their areas - it certainly will be for me - tomorrow I will be passing the url for this to all of the colleagues that I have who are ready to hear the message....

Thank You Derek and of course all at K12 Online 07

Find CORE here.
Link to the K12 online page for Derek's presentation here.

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