Tuesday, March 11, 2014

50 Plus night at the Pathe Buitenhof

It was with a spring in my step (ha!)..... that I caught the 24 bus to the Pathe Cinema Buitenhof for 50 plus night last evening. The deal was a screening at 7.15pm ( also at 1.30 on Tuesday) with a free coffee and chocolate.. all free with a cinema card.
I have missed the past two weeks as the offering has been Diana ( not my cup of tea!.. Diana scored 8% from critics and 27% from cinema goers -Rotten Tomatoes).

This week the main feature was Still Mine, a gentle and unpretentious drama ( based on a true story) set in rural New Brunswick.
The main characters are Craig and Irene Morrison, played sympathetically by James Cromwell and the devine Genevieve Bujold. Is it just me or is Bujold still a gorgeous creature? Her eyes still flash with a sensuousness that can beguile. Enough of this fawning!!
This simple but compelling story  follows Craig as he is prompted to build a new house, for his himself and his wife as she is gripped by the slow but steady onset of Alzheimers.

We meet two of their children and a sparky grandson along with their friends and neighbours in this battle of the craftsman versus 'the law'.
Undoubtedly it is the onscreen chemistry between Bujold and Cromwell that keeps the interest in what otherwise would be a ponderous film with a predictable ending. In truth this is a little gem of a Canadian film, I have to admit that this was my second viewing, I first watched Still Mine at the Filmhuis in the city back in the autumn of 2013.... and second time around my emotional heartstrings were duly tugged again, not only by the delightful Genevieve however, but by the whole story.
IMDb gives Still Mine 7.4 while Rotten Tomatoes  scores this a 93% from the critics and 87% from film-goers. Myself even with the lack of car chases and no hint of CGI ( Unless it was the cows!) and not a shoot out in sight give Still There 8.5 out of 10. You don't have to be over 50 to enjoy this film...... but it sure helps :-)
Still Mine garnered seven nominations in 2013 at the 1st Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Cromwell), Best Actress (Bujold), Best Original Screenplay (McGowan), Best Cinematography (Brendan Steacy), Best Editing (Roderick Deogrades) and Best Original Score (Hugh Marsh, Don Rooke and Michelle Willis).Cromwell won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role.

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