Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Legend of Hercules.....3D

Sunday 9th February - Pathe Spuimarkt

I wonder where to begin with The Legend of Hercules? 
My friend Steve who has accompanied me to many a 3D blockbuster over the past three years, has oft' stated that these films have millions spent on 3D and effects while having about €30 spent on the script.
Watch the trailer 
This comment cannot be levelled at The Legend of Hercules - I would conjecture that not much was spent on either script or effects! This is most obvious in the crowd scenes which when rendered in 3D look like computer generated images where the setting looks like small models. The scriptwriters seem determined to prove that volume and shouting even in confined spaces adds value and quality. This is best shown as we reach the fateful wedding of the dark haired (Richard III like) often scowling older prince to Hebe, the major characters shout their threats like children in the playground.
I also wonder why today's directors of 3D films seem to require debris (is it blossom or snow?) t be floating about, as if to identify its 3Dness. 
We then come to the costumes....poor Kellen Lutz appears to have been left out of most of the costume discussions as he is forced much of the time to be unclothed to the iis fortuitous that he has spent many months in the gym ensuring that he accurately portray the physique of the great Hercules!
I have to admit that I was aware from the trailer that this film was not going to be a classic. I guess the saving grace is that no great actors were tempted to turn up 'for the money' and have their reputations tarnished by association with the film. This will sadly also be th film's downfall I fear. It has been proven that with a few 'A graders' on board even a turkey can make its money back.

I had to pay €2 of my money to attend this film.....I cannot fully regret this as I was inside out of the wind for 90 minutes may have been better to have visited a local cafe to achieve the same effect. I would recommend the latter if you have the option. This film I would rank at 5 out of 10 this largely for the 3D arrows which gave a pleasing effect....

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