Saturday, January 11, 2014

3 years on.....

My third anniversary of living in The Netherlands has now passed, as has my 6th anniversary out of the classroom working for the IB.  Both seemed to cross my path without fanfare or trumpets. 

Anniversaries such as this often prompt people to consider a number of things including the future. Working in an office setting it soon becomes apparent that there is a 'sweet time' to be in a job. 
While it is still providing a challenging but providing job satisfaction after a period of say ...... 6 years. At around this time it may be wise to consider the possibility of a new challenge?

A new challenge in educational technology, perhaps closer to but not necessarily in the classroom. When one has perhaps a deal of practical experience, and one might actually be missing the daily challenge of a an international setting.
Apologies for this rambling thought..dear reader... too much time alone to think can cause the mind to wander off on flights of fancy.......who can foretell the future? 

Not this small slightly greying 50 something Welsh dragon for sure..... if anyone wishes to read my palm, I would be interested :-)

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