Friday, March 29, 2013

The Passion of Christ.... from The Hague

'The Passion of Christ' was broadcast throughout The Netherlands from The Hague on Thursday 28 March(Donderdag 28 Maart).
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Taking in many of the main sights of the 'City of Peace' and including musical spectacular plus the carrying of the cross into the city centre, the event was broadcast on the main national channel NOS1 (previously Netherlands 1).
The story moved from 'The Plein' where the last supper was staged, to the rail tracks where Judas struggled with his decision to give up Jesus  to the authorities. Onward to Scheveningen Pier standing in for the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was given up to the authorities.
Back at the Hofvijver ( the lake in front of the Dutch Parliament) where Mary was in full flow. Jesus eventually brought to the Hofvijver for his meeting with Pontius Pilot and eventual Crucifixion. The spectacle ended with Jesus appearing to everyone walking across the Hofvijver.
While the action was taking place the giant white Cross was making its way past The Peace Palace via Plein 1813, Noordeinde Palace to The Hofvijver for the finale.
This really was a good start to Easter in the city.

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