Saturday, December 03, 2011

Web of Stories

The 'Web of Stories' site is forms an amazing resource containing the thoughts and life stories of a magnificent generation of individuals from 20th Century. Below listen to Alice Hertz-Sommer (b. 1903) as she describes living in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.
 Czech concert pianist Alice Herz-Sommer (b. 1903) has experienced a wealth of suffering. Incarcerated in Theresienstadt concentration camp during the Second World War, she survived the Holocaust with her young son, although her husband died at Dachau in 1944. Despite these experiences, along with her battles with cancer and the tragic loss of her son to illness in 2001, Herz-Sommer remains passionate about music and life. At 104, she published a bestselling book 'A Garden of Eden in Hell' recalling the events of the concentration camps. In 2010, a television programme about her life story was aired on BBC4.
Take a look at the array of lives here [link]

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