Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stress or Cheese ?

The reason for the title is my search for an explanation to my waking this morning at 4.04 am instead of the usual 6.30a.m.!All I do know is that my head was full of work related messages that I desperately wanted to remember - I realise dear reader that this way madness lies, however, I now see the need for a hard wired memo or note device which would enable these thoughts to be captured before they evaporate. Great thinkers of the past I know would sleep with a notebook and pen beside the bed and jot down these thoughts - In my case divorce would swiftly follow ( one had best not awake Mrs H before her normal 7.30a.m. !). Hence the need for aa device that does not require to be turned on thus waking spouses?

The second thought which had lodged itself in my head was 'Twitter' related ( please don't ask why). I hate the random jumble of Twitter which can distract ones thoughts and leads to often ill thought out responses - I want a means to select a person and then to have the option of seeing a discussion thread that I can follow and respond to in a timely fashion, the only way to achieve somrthing like this is to carry on an @ conversation with 'Twitter'. I don't want an all singing app like the soon to appear 'Google Wave' but want something lighter - a Wavelet if you will, a branch or threaded app......... you see what can fill your head at 4.04 am!!!!!!!!The one saving grace is flexi time at the IB allowing us to start at 7am and leave at 3pm. I feel sure that by the time everyone else is awake my brain will be mush! Ah well mustn't grumble 6.28am time to go to work? Now what was it I was trying to remember?

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