Friday, June 06, 2008

NECC 2008

Unfortunately a colleague of mine here at the IB is unable to attend NECC 2008 as he had originally planned, this meant that the place was offered to me!! My decision was easy, the chance to go to possibly the biggest and best edublogger, web2.0 educators conference in the world, or attend my Hockey Club annual dinner in Abergavenny............ no contest! I am really looking forward to meeting up with everyone in San Antonio on the weekend of the 29th June to 2nd July. I know that this year there is a large contingent of Oz/NZ teachers ( unfortunately AK - we are doomed to only meet in cyberspace I think!) including Jo McLeay and Sue Tapp ( the drinks are on sujokat!). I will miss the Edubloggercon on the 28th as I won't arrive until around 11pm on 28th, but from then on I am really looking forward to some great PD and listening to some inspiring speakers.
2008) at the end of the month along with some tech bits and pieces I will be packing my Mini Dylan Dragon ( to be renamed Ddraig Goch - Red Dragon for NECCfor the trip to Texas.... really very excited now ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know - the Hockey Club annual dinner in Abergavenny sounds like fun as well.

Look for the silver lining. I am off to Sydney next week with AEL. And to think it all started from a small school- off the beaten track. No-one would know I even exist without the power of the internet.

I wouldn't count on only meeting in cyber-space. My thinking is to pay you a visit over Christmas- never had a white Christmas. Our Amy is on London and I want to go to Ireland where my Dad was born. Gotta do these things before I get too old and decrepit!


Ewan McIntosh said...

See you there! Great news. I'll be the one with steam coming off his laptop...

Steve Hargadon said...

Be sure to check out NECC Unplugged, the three-day "collaborative" conference *during* NECC. It won't be EduBloggerCon, but it might just be as much fun! :)

Mr Harrington said...

Hi Steve thanks for the tip off into NECC Unplugged, I will keep my eye out for that for sure.
Ewan we may be sharing a multi-plug yet :-) It'll be good to see you again.

mrsdurff said...

You're going tp NECC? Life is really unfair!

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