Friday, March 28, 2008

Flu! and Radio 2

There must be a law which states that when you take a few days off you fall victim to a cold ( Mrs H calls it man flu!!!) When I was teaching this didn't really matter as everyone is on vacation anyway or would be as it is the Easter Break still here..... however when I now have to take annual leave to get the days off, and have to look after the 27 1/2 of them very carefully, it is reallllly reallly annoying to spend 3 out of the 4 this week, in bed taking paracetamol and keeping up my fluids!!!
There was me thinking that I would be immune from colds now I was out of the classroom, another myth broken!
BBC Radio 2 and the Steve Wright in the Afternoon has kept me amused over the past few days in bed with nothing much else to do. Do take a listen to the podcast of their hilarious interview with Donald Sutherland from this afternoon.... however all of this is not what I wanted to post. Listening to Miles Mendoza's website of the week feature today he mentioned a new site Adobe Photoshop ExpressThis site from Adobe will allow you to upload your photos and use a full range of photoshop tools to enhance you images, you can also store up to 2GB of images on the site - looks good especially for those of us loathed to pay for Photoshop!

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Anonymous said...

My commiserations for your plight. I hope you're still managing to shave while you lie in a darkened room waiting for our recovery!

That Photoshop site looks fabulous- thanks for the tip.

Hope you feel chipper soon.

Allanah K

ICT Facilitator

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