Monday, November 12, 2007

'Spelling it Out' by Maryann Manning

Following my Saturday morning web trawl on teaching spelling, today I came across this article from Maryann Manning, Maryann is in the Education Department of the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

"There are five types of spellers in our classrooms – find out which types you're teaching this year.

Long ago I abandoned the practice of every student studying the same list of spelling words in favor of a more individualized program. My philosophy changed as a result of reading, listening to other teachers and, most of all, seeing that weak students at the beginning of the year were still weak at the end of the year. I wasn't meeting the needs of all students with one spelling list.

My students improved considerably when I moved from a prescribed list to thinking of spelling growth as a function of the reading and writing workshop and other literacy activities. This month, I'd like to share my ideas about teaching spelling....

To read Maryann's main findings go to the full article @ Teaching Pre K-8

Suggestions for parents
We know there are several classroom practices that help all spellers. We can pass this information along to students' parents, and let them know that whenever a student engages in reading, spelling will improve. The same is true of engaging in writing, especially in the writing process when attention shifts from content to mechanics.

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