Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well, where did that weekend go ??? I have had 2 days away from the laptop with my 'other existence'- hockey playing (field not ice !!!). A weekend where I went to support my 16yo daughter in her county trials, played sporadically for my own team on Saturday afternoon, and today took and coached our Under 11 team to a tournament. I guess that this may be a normal weekend for some people - but not for me I am exhausted, and only just managed to link up and turn on the laptop. what makes matters worse is that we are in the middle of a day with some (little) sunshine and sharp, heavy showers...
As I sit here on Sunday, early evening (6.15pm) the prospect of returning to school refreshed for tomorrow is definitely not uppermost in my brain - I need another few days to recover!!! Anyway more news on google Earth and its uses in the classroom Papajo ( Joseph) has taken the idea that I posted last time and has plans to use these with his Year 9 pupils -Result. He has also got in touch with Judy O'Connell regarding her podcast. Papajo himself has started a podcast page on Podomatic - though no podcasts yet.
On the school front, I should be presenting a draft of the school's IT to a staff meeting tomorrow: i am having a site meeting on Wednesday with our County IT staff in order to thrash out the possibility of linking our recently acquired Colour Lazer Printer to the 15 PC's found in IT Suite. I am also going to speak to them about replacing a projector in the same room - The BIG PROBLEM seems to be the lack of consitency between projectors, hence the projector which has died after 5 good years of service can't be replaced by a similar machine, and to replace it will probably necessitate the re-positioning of the ceiling mounting, in addition to the need to rewire. They would also like to discuss the possibility of getting all classroom PC's ( 20 - some old (Windows 3.1) onto the school server in order to ease my worload.
**Thanks Papajo for you e-mail**
**( Thanks to Judy for becoming a friend of 'The Podofather' **)
So even though I lack energy this evening there are plenty of others out there in the world keeping discussion forae on education. I wiil return when I'm feeling more awake and with more time, until then bye till next time...

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